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XR for a better tomorrow...

Extending human capabilities, inspiring sustainable change.

About us

XR Impact is a non-profit organization that leverages the power of Extended Reality (XR) technologies like Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented reality (AR) to enhance human sensory and cognitive capabilities and inspire global action toward the UN Sustainable Development Goals. 

Our Initiatives

The team around XR Impact combines academic excellence with extensive experience from the business and social sector and together we leverage technology and art to realize XR initiatives with high social impact – bridging the gap between knowledge and action and driving progress toward a better world.
Virtual Reality


PERSPECTIVES is an ongoing VR-project with the ambition to bridge societal divides by increasing the understanding and compassion of others and their perspectives. We will leverage research in behavioural science and VR to encourage dialogue instead of confrontation.

Be Earth #13

Be Earth #13 is an immersive VR experience around the UN Sustainable Development Goal #13: Climate Action. The experience lets you embody Earth and transports you to the Amazon Rainforest, where climate change has a clear and present impact.

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We know...

We know, based on research and experience, that virtual reality can help us become smarter, stronger and kinder – enhancing both our ability and our willingness to help others.

Three reasons why Virtual Reality can make us better humans
(10-min keynote from “Women In Tech”, recorded by UR)