Our Initiatives


PERSPECTIVES is an ongoing VR-project that will leverage research in behavioural science and VR to bridge societal divides by increasing the understanding and compassion of others and their perspectives.

Be Earth #13

Be Earth #13 is a VR-experience around the Global Goal #13: Climate Action. The experience let’s you embody earth first hand witness the beauty and ongoing horror in the Amazon Rainforest.

XR Research

XR Impact brings together a network of researchers studying how XR can stimulate prosocial behavior.

SMARTlab is a non-profit research enterprise with award-winning practice-based PhD program.

Academy For the Future

Inclusive educational ecosystem leveraging collaborative post-disciplinary innovation.

It was absolutly spectacular! And I love seeing VR not used for entertainment, but to convay such a poverful message.
Janet Morris
This was remarkable . The ability to immerse yourself is so impactful in making it real. I was blown away.
Willie Brown
Head of Product
It was not only educational but I like to think: enlightening. I felt as one with the world and everyone.
Sean Fisher