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An avalanche of misinformation is causing a rift in our society. The ‘silos’ of information are hard to break through, causing a vicious circle of growing mistrust of those outside our bubble. The lack of understanding of others’ perspectives is growing. The intolerance is growing.

Broadcasting views and seeking quick reactions drive exposure and business. Information needs to be brief and stand out, no time is left for the reflection and deeper understanding needed to turn the trend. We are growing further apart.

Our project, PERSPECTIVES, aims to support an increased understanding of others and their perspectives. With our experience, we want to create a space for reflection around complex and dividing topics. A space for understanding and compassion. A space without judgment. A space to connect and unite.


An experience to increase the understanding and compassion of others.

Two people connecting via VR

What we will create

PERSPECTIVES is an immersive VR experience to bridge societal divides. It will let you connect to people different from you, and you will be led on a personal journey toward a world that encourages dialogue instead of confrontation.

We will leverage research in behavioral science and VR to create an environment that stimulates reflection, learning, and understanding by facilitating the emotional and constructive processing of data.

The experience will primarily be developed for Oculus Quest 2, using hand tracking for an increased feeling of presence and ease of navigation.

Virtual Reality

VR has the ability to immerse the user and create a space for reflection supporting a deeper understanding of others and their perspectives.

Data contextualization

To increase understanding of others, data needs to be contextualized and communicated in a way that not only speaks to our rational mind.


We need to create a space based on trust and without judgement to encourage dialogue instead of confrontation.


The team around PERSPECTIVES brings key expertise from VR, Behavioural and Data Science, and together they leverage technology and art to deliver high-impact projects. 

Ylva Hansdotter


Paulo Gibbs