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Be Earth #13 at WEF/Davos

New virtual reality experience invites participants to “Be Earth” and do something about climate change

January 21, 2020— DAVOS, Switzerland— “Be Earth #13,” a new virtual reality experience pre-premiered during the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos, transports the viewer to the Amazon Rainforest where climate change is having a clear and present impact. “Be Earth #13” invites participants to embody earth and learn more about climate change, to take action and personal responsibility to help end global warming.

“We hope this experience can open minds, inspire solutions and increase the sense of personal responsibility and accountability for the future of our world and humanity,” said Ylva Hansdotter, founder and director of XR Impact, the collaborative nonprofit organization that is creating the module. “Virtual Reality is a very powerful technology, and we have to lead the way and show how to use its power for social good, to foster understanding and empathy” Hansdotter said.

XR Impact uses Extended Reality (XR) technologies like Virtual Reality (VR), and Augmented Reality (AR) to “inspire global action towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals, (SDGs)” which include ending hunger, ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education, and other goals. “Be Earth #13” is the first experience of their forthcoming VR platform around the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals, focusing on SDG #13: Climate Action.

The VR module will not be commercialized for profit, and it will be made available for free. A curriculum around the platform is under development and a roadshow visiting schools is planned in the spring.

XR Impact is collaborating with climate experts, researchers, technical specialists, artists and storytellers on “Be Earth #13.” 

“Be Earth drives awareness of the devastating effects climate change is having on our planet by giving people an immersive and realistic look at our rainforests in the aftermath of wildfires,” said Cindy Ball, AR/VR Policy Manager at Facebook. “Facebook is proud to support this experience, which encourages viewers to take action as part of the 13th UN Sustainable Development Goal of Climate Action.”

“Be Earth #13” will be available to experience in the Equality Lounge in the Davos Panorama Hotel, during the full extent of the WEF annual meeting, 21-24 January 2020.

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