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About DEEP

Data Engagement & Enhanced Perspectives: Using Data Feminism to bridge societal divides.

The Covid-19 pandemic has given rise to an infodemic of misinformation and growing societal divides. This ongoing project will leverage novel research in behavioural science and data feminism to enable engagement and reflection around complex and dividing topics like COVID-19. A separate project – PERSPECTIVES – will develop a VR experience to foster an increased understanding of others and their perspectives with the ambition to build bridges within and across communities in our society.

What we will create...

DEEP will provide an innovative tool to stimulate reflection, learning, and understanding by promoting context. In a separate project we will develop an immersive VR experience to facilitating an emotional and constructive processing of data

Virtual Reality

VR has the ability to immerse the user and create a space for reflection supporting a deeper understanding of others and their perspectives.

Data Feminism

Data Feminism helps to remind us that before there are data, there are people—and that data always is a product of subjective decisions and interpretations.

Bridging divides

To increase understanding of others perspectives, data needs to be contextualized and communicated in a way that not only speaks to our rational mind.


The team around DEEP brings key expertise from strategy consulting, VR, AI, Behavioural and Data Science, and together they leverage technology and art to deliver high-impact projects. 

Ylva Hansdotter


Rebecca Schindler


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We aim to facilitate use and distribution by and through media producers, individual or organizational change makers, schools and museums; as well as refinement and development by research institutes, R&D teams, VR creators, storytellers, NGOs.



This project has received funding from the European Union’s framework Horizon 2020 for research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 951962.

DEEP is part of the MediaFutures project.